Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Proposal

She said, "Yes!"

Our oldest son was there with his camera to capture the moment.

This is the park where Daniel proposed. Each step has an author with some work of literature listed which is fitting for Sara's love of all things literary. None of us have ever been here so a little excursion might be in our future.

We are all happy and well pleased. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Simple Joys

* Quiet mornings with the sunlight streaming through my kitchen window where I sit at my dining table sipping coffee, reading my Bible.

* Hearing my youngest two laugh. They have a Push Me-Pull You sort of relationship. For example, it is not uncommon for them to annoy each other by doing things like one of them trying to find the pressure points on the other one.  So yeah, hearing them laugh, talk, compare job stories makes my heart happy.  

* And those same two kiddos fill my house full of music and they even have their music-making friends from church over so I hear them harmonizing, singing, goofing off all while eating pizza and having a good time.

* Enjoying watching my girl compete in Taekwondo tournaments.  Last weekend we were down south in Katy where she came in first in all three of her events. This coming weekend she will be Little Rock bound.  Go Anna go.  

* Really cold days when the sun is shining are the best sort of cold days if one must have them. 

* Wearing soft clothes...knit, cotton, velour are some of my favorites.  Life is too short to be all covered up in scratchy material.

* Good ice cream or gelato.  I've recently decided that cheap ice cream is dead to me.  I shall only eat the good stuff or I shant eat any.

* Winning a bunny war over my beautiful lush grass (it hasn't died yet). My weapon?  Chili powder.  

* My sweet Little Doggie whose little face is turning all white as he ages.

* The first semester of our homeschool co-op is already over and now we get a nice long break.

* Having the opportunity to tackle the yearbook project at our co-op. The new co-op leaders are being very gracious to me in my last year there and letting me pull off one last big project.  It is also making the transition out of this sweet group of 13+ years a little easier. It is going to be difficult to say good-bye at the end of this year.  We have been with this co-op even longer than any church we've belonged to.  Sigh.

my kids
* We celebrated my oldest son's 25th birthday earlier this month. It was good to have the whole family together.  

* Ten years of book clubbing with friends. There has been some turnover in who comes, but it has always been a great group of ladies that I enjoy very much.

* Hearing Trey play his guitar in church.  He also plays for a couple of different youth group bands.  He is such a sweetheart and has a desire to share his gift with the body of Christ.  

* Dental care. I've been having heinous dental drama, but oh what would I do without modern dentistry?  Go toothless, that's what!

* Studying the life of Moses this year and seeing Jesus woven through out it all.  My favorite verse in Exodus so far is this one:

And Moses said to the people, 
“Fear not, stand firm, 
and see the salvation of the Lord
which he will work for you today. 
The Lord will fight for you, 
and you have only to be silent.” 
Exodus 14:13a,14

Blessings, my friends.  Please feel free to share your Simple Joys with me. I love reading them.

Monday, November 10, 2014

The Wanderer Returns

Well, hello there.  How are you?  I am still here distractedly doing the usual stuff and thought I would pop in for a minute.

Isn't this church beautiful?  I spotted this unusual church and only snapped this one photo of it.  Mike and I took a day trip last weekend to look around a couple of small towns with thoughts of possibly relocating in a year or two. It is just a little sprout of a dream that may or may not come to fruition, but it was fun and I have to tell you I loved it.  This church was built in the late 1800s in a small North Texas town.  They had added on in the back taking great effort to keep a uniform look which added to the charm.  Unfortunately in these modern times church architecture in general has take an pretty unattractive turn so I thrill whenever I see a beautiful church.

Speaking of church things I came across this list I thought I would share.  It is just a little something I've been thinking about.    

10 Things Jesus Never Said and Never Will

1 - You are far too gone to be saved.
2 - I am so disappointed in you.
3 - This wouldn't be happening if you were a better Christian.
4 - It is okay not to love certain people.
5 - Everyone should believe and act like you do.
6 - It's all up to you.
7 - You don't have to forgive someone who really hurt you.
8 - You missed my will for your life.
9 - I've given up on you.
10 - This is a cross you must bear alone.

What do you think?  Ever hear any of these in Christian circles or do you struggle believing that any of these might be true deep down?  What about number 2?  I think that is the one that I have taken to heart the most and it simply isn't true.  I've looked in the bible and all I can find are words that quite the opposite.  

Well, that is all for now.  I must take my daughter to work. I've missed you and I hope you are doing well.  

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Beginning of the End

 Seniors 2015!  
This was the Sunday before our first day of school.  Getting a picture of these two together is easier if they can't get away.

Senior 2014!  
This girly graduates this December with her BA in Literature Studies.  She was floating around the house several days before classes began with big smiles while ordering her pens, spirals and printing off labels.  The reason for the biggest smiles was the fact that she got approved to take a graduate level Jane Austen class this semester. Austen is her favorite. Earlier this summer she took the GRE and has been applying to graduate schools. 

Saturday before school started. Sorry, another blurry photo.

And here I am (on the left).  This is my last year of homeschooling after 21 1/2 years.  Our first year began in a January which is the reason for half year.  

And the lady and her daughter in the picture are the first homeschoolers I ever met way back when I was in high school.  This was before I even knew what homeschooling was.  The Lord has used this women in my life in some pretty significant ways over the years.  Maybe one day I will share about that.

That little girl I babysat is grown up and has a baby of her own. Aren't they sweet?

So here is to a new year.  In many ways it will be the usual for us, but it will also be the launching pad for new adventures, too.  I am grateful for the years I've been able to be at home with my children.  They have been filled with love, laughter, frustrations, heart ache and many tears, both happy and sad.  Just like life, I  suppose. The Lord is good and gracious and I am thankful.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Weekend Getaway

After thinking we would get rain we changed our Labor Day weekend camping plans to go west instead of east.  Those familiar with North Texas will know all the tall pine trees are east and that means shade.  The trees get incrementally shorter as you drive west.  

Would you rather be hot and dry or wet tracking mud everywhere in your camper?  We chose hot and we were not disappointed.  The trailer has an a/c so we at least slept really well, but it was pretty miserable middle of the day.

I've mentioned that we have been in a drought for the past several years. This is Lake Arrowhead in Wichita Falls, Texas.  There was water in the lake but not here.

There is a boat ramp in the right hand corner of this picture.  There was a man using it for his exercise running up and down it and stretching.

This is the view from a pier.

We took a walk along the lake bottom and the girls were intrigued by some artifacts they found.  What you ask?  Glass Gatorade and Dr. Pepper bottles! I would not have thought anything about them, but they pointed out they do not remember ever seeing such things.  So they brought a few back to use as vases in their rooms.

These are more the sort of things that interest me.

Someone's dinner artifacts.

If the water was diminished the Prairie Dogs were NOT! There must have been hundreds of them!

They apparently have a sophisticated way of talking and warning each other of approaching threats. They are noisy little creatures so we were sure to pick a camping spot a good distance away from them. 

Aren't they funny little creatures?  Well, technically I guess they are rodents so that would make them sort of gross.

A pampered dog was also spotted.

All of our kids joined us at some point during the weekend so that made up for the life sucking heat. It was a good time, but I won't be lying if I told you I was glad to head back home. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Silly Goose, Lazy Lizard and a Hot Air Balloon

We were having coffee out on our patio when I glanced up and saw this!

 There is never any telling what might be in the skies around my house...ducks, geese, a variety of herons, hawks, airplanes of all sizes, helicopters, and once I even saw a blimp.

Guess we can add hot air balloon to that list.  It was a very peaceful, quiet morning with a nice little wind pushing this baby along a fast clip.

Then the equivalent to a motorcycle gang flew into the neighborhood with an intimidating amount of commotion and loud honking. 

Don't let that innocent looking face fool you.  That is Pure D meanness right there.  Lots of wild eyed aggressive behavior which I am pretty sure would end in me being trampled if I wasn't careful. 

Want to know who is REALLY mean?  That blond goose right there.

She has one fluffy butt, doesn't she?

I try to keep my distance.  She is not nice.

 But you know who IS nice?

This little guy right here.  Can you see Mr. Anole?

I really don't know if this is a Mr. or Miss but based on the size of that chin (dewlap) I'm guessing it is a boy.  If you look closely you can see a whisker coming out of the side of its neck.  

 So, I should be working on school and co-op stuff but instead the little lizard catches my eye outside my window so I grab my camera and take photos.  I am easily distracted but he looked so pretty in the pink crape myrtle.  And I was just thinking the other day how the petals of the crape myrtle are some of the best, all light and frilly.  Some folks don't like these trees and they do have some issues especially with scale and people trimming this hideously which we call crape murder, but I love them.

 This is my office mess and a bunch of books I need to do something with.  It has only gotten worse since I took this picture the other day.  Sigh.

All right now.  I gotta get back to work.

Monday, August 4, 2014

A Little Catch Up

Hummingbird as seen through my dirty window. 
I finally have this memorized!


As I type this I am sitting in the front of the house at my desk listening to Trey, my 18 year old son, rock us out on his guitar.  I have been saying all along that I enjoy it but what I didn't realize is HOW LOUD it is when I sit in this particular room.  Wow.  My ears.  But it is good music so I can't complain.

The 17 year old daughter, Anna, can be seen out the window from where I sit.  Several times a day she takes her bow staff, a long, metallic stick and she goes into the middle of our very unbusy street and practices her weapons form.  She needs a lot of space.  She is nervous about a competition she has coming up this weekend.  It will be her first Class A tournament and this is her first time do compete in the weapons category.

These two have also been working on math all summer long. Why is math not more loveable?  Why are people not more lovable when they are working on their math?  If there is any reason to not homeschool this would be it. Seriously.  We are a people of letters, words and books.  Numbers just jumble in our heads and agitate us.  Unless it is dollars.  Then we are fairly amiable.  

Distracted by Alaska.

The last few days I finally realized that it was imperative that I start planning for next school year and co-op.  So what did I do?  I picked up Arctic Homestead by Norma Cobb and I read it cover to cover.  It is the story of the Cobb family homesteading in Alaska with 5 children. Mrs. Cobb was the last woman pioneer to sign up under the U. S. Homestead Act and become a homesteader in 1972.  Such an interesting book and Norma Cobb is still alive and occasionally blogging here

The Cobb's first cabin on the Minook Creek.