Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Kitchen Projects

Last week was our Spring Break. Mike took the week off, and we ended up spending a lot of time together while the kids were off doing their various activities.  We enjoyed a few meals out and accomplishing a few projects. It was strange, really, to spend so much time together without our children, but I guess it is our new normal.

The first project was our kitchen island.  The goal was to make it a little bigger so that we could pull up some barstools and serve more food off of it without spending a whole lot of money. 

Here is a photo of our kitchen during our inspection before we moved in a few years ago to give you an idea what the old island looked like. It is on the left.

June 2011

And here is the new butcher block top Mike installed last week: 

March 2014

We have enjoyed the extra space it provides.  It is funny what a difference it makes.   In the picture it is still a little shiny from an oil treatment it is getting every so often.

The other kitchen island project was to the silverware drawer.  The plastic silverware holder I had in this drawer was inefficient and always a mess.  I spied this idea on Pinterest. Once Mike saw it he whipped this up:

New dividers lift out for easy cleaning and shelf liner placement.

I am enjoying this so much.  As you can see I have a hodge podge of silverware and this makes such efficient use of the space.

Something else I did that has totally changed the atmosphere of my kitchen (but no picture yet) is to put a lamp in the corner on a little table close to the kitchen table.  I have sat at the table every morning all winter long with my Bible and various reading (I eat there sometimes, too) and the lamp light is so much more welcoming on a dim morning than the overhead light.  And in the evening it really warms the space up, too.  So...a lamp in the kitchen.  Who would have thought it would make such a difference?



  1. Would you like to help somebody else with a kitchen makeover? Your kitchen looks so cozy!

  2. love the island! and great silverware drawer, too. amazing how these little things are BIG things in daily life!

  3. Smart! I love the island's new top! Pretty! My silverware drawer is always a mess. When I straighten it all out, I feel a crazy sense of satisfaction!

  4. Great island top! Wow, what a nice change. I also like the divided silverware drawer. You've got a good man.

  5. Oh, you are speaking my language! I love when little things (like a lamp...and like drawer dividers) make a big difference in how a room functions and how much you enjoy your time there. Of course, I also love when big things (like a new island top) make a big difference too! Love the new features!

  6. That is a beautiful piece of woodwork to decorate your kitchen and be really useful both. And I can just imagine the lamp that cozies up the place!

  7. I do feel that lamps are much superior to overhead lighting, and I think houses used to have more lamps, yes? I love them. Your new island is fabulous -- I love the top, I love the wood, I love the drawer. That's such an improvement. Don't those silverware drawers get nasty in the bottom? I've noticed that. Good job!