Friday, March 14, 2014

Simple Joys

* The gurgling of the coffee pot, what a wonderful sound first thing in the morning or in the afternoon.

* Spring Break. What a GREAT idea!  And Daylight Savings Time, too! Marrying the two means I stay up late and sleep in late.  Next week's regular schedule might prove to be painful. 

* Do you know about Lumina the Bible study tool at  This is extremely helpful and combines many tools in one nice place.  You will love this if you enjoy studying your Bible with a few helps.  Check it out.

* Emails from my 83 year old mom, especially the funny parts. There are almost always funny parts.

* Retro Night at the new movie theater watching The Princess Bride on the big screen. Super fun!

* Enjoying the benefits of being a couple with big kids. We are not empty-nesters, but Mike and I are enjoying more time than ever together alone.  We've enjoyed a breakfast date, lunch date, early in the day movie date and just sitting around an empty house talking and looking out the window.  It feels so strange...wonderfully strange.

My pictures are not this good. Look at that beak!

* Spotting a new duck at the pond.  He arrived with his mate and they swam in a very tight circle with heads in the water for HOURS.  And I do mean HOURS.  I am not exaggerating.  I found out they are Northern Shovelers.

* Getting some projects done around the house including a new island top, a new faucet to replace the disgusting old one and some landscape bricks around my little front flower bed.

* Number 14 in one of my very favorite series of books. I enjoyed this book like I would a piece of cake and coffee or sitting watching ducks waddle and noodle around.  

* Skin glue.  This finger accident was the final straw.  Our dangerously sharp Pampered Chef mandolin has been removed from our house and my presence forever.


  1. ooh, the last one sounds no fun at all! just love to hear the coffee maker gurgle. i wish i could hear my mother's percolator gurgle and sigh just once more. :)

    i love when the shovelers stop here, too. such bill-heavy ducks. :)

  2. I love reading your "Simple Joys" posts! Ah, yes...perking coffee is a simple joy of mine too. I will check out "Lumina." Thanks for the recommendation. I am glad you removed the mandolin. I am a chicken, but mandolins scare me. My aunt had an altercation with one and she did not come out the winner. ~shudder~

  3. What a gorgeous duck! I've never seen one!
    Spring break. I can't wait!

  4. What's a Northern Shoveler doing in Texas? Maybe that couple's hanging out a while longer before flying up north to my ponds and puddles? We see lots of them up here. They are pretty ducks.

    I love coffee noise -- grinding, pouring, hot water, the smells -- all of it.

    I have a love-hate relationship with my mandolin. I've sliced my finger twice, but I still keep it. I love how thinly it can slice cukes, carrots, celery and the like. I used lots of chapstick on my finger before it healed.


  5. Yes, the coffee pot in the morning sounds delicious!

    We went on a short trip this weekend to Williamsburg and Jamestown (about a 3.5-hour drive for us). The boys were fine, but the Man and I had good fun discussing what a lovely trips we're going to take on our own some day.

    There is a reason I don't have a mandolin.


  6. I was enjoying your simple joys until I came to the last one , and my face winced up in thoughts of pain! Ouch!!!! You can tell the same thing has happened to me, once is enough. Yes, get it out of there...

  7. Yes simple joys.
    Getting some projects done around the house is what I am up to now.

  8. My daughter uses her mandoline all the time, and when I am at her house and trying to help in the kitchen I am petrified of the thing.

  9. I am wanting a mandolin, but I will take note and make sure it is not from Pampered Chef. I have one of their paring knives. Let's just say I had to go have it taken care of medically. Ouch! I am amazed at all the different birds that come by your lake.